15SOF & Pistons mobile app

Overview: Role: Sr. UI/UX Design Lead Team: Collaborated with Product Manager, and Development Team Objective: To improve the experience for new user registration by providing better instructions to guide users in taking selfies, completing all mandatory questions without any hiccups, and offering a more seamless and engaging way

Animoto AI video generator

Overview: The project aimed to revolutionize the video creation process by using AI to streamline content creation and enhance user experience. We wanted to empower users to easily create high-quality videos by providing AI-generated video scripts tailored to the information that users input. As a product

Rehab 2 Fit – Knee rehab program on Android Tablet

Project Overview As a product designer, I had the opportunity to work on an innovative project aimed at revolutionizing the post-surgery recovery process, specifically for individuals recovering from total knee recovery surgery. Our focus was to refresh an outdated UI and design a customized exercise program,

CoinDesk Indices

  Introduction In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, staying updated with latest news and critical data points are important for experienced users. This is especially true for the crypto news industry leader, CoinDesk. Our objective was to design a website linked to CoinDesk's main site. While it

Piano Music Database

  Introduction In music education, piano teachers often find themselves in need of a consolidated platform to locate sheet music tailored to their students' age, proficiency levels, and all other different factors. Our challenge was to design a filter system for the database that made this process

Pictos NFT Marketplace

  Introduction In the emerging domain of NFT trading, crafting a platform that intuitively educates first-time users while facilitating the seamless creation and sale of NFTs was our goal. Taking inspiration from market giants like eBay and emphasizing social media integration, the task at hand was to

Audience From Anywhere – Online Conference Platform

  Overview: Chick-fil-A, a leader in the quick-service industry, was growing fast with new restaurants opening up all over the country. One of the most important channels Chick-fil-A uses to communicate with thousands of its restaurant owners is its annual conference that brings the organization together for

Popeyes Mobile App

Objective: The client wanted to create a mobile app that can: Easily find the nearest Popeyes restaurants with directions on Google map The user has the option to browse the menu for that particular restaurant The app can also provide coupon and promotional information The user can

Pizza Hut Atomic Design System

    Pizza Hut Atomic Design System   Pizza Hut’s design system was created to maintain visual consistency across all its products and to unify the user experience across platforms and devices. It was built on atomic design principles, where simple design elements lay the system’s foundation and then

Pizza Hut Canada

  Project Overview: Tasked with the design overhaul of Pizza Hut's website, our primary aim was to create an intuitive platform for users to effortlessly customize their pizzas and ensure smooth deliveries from their local Pizza Hut store. The challenge was twofold: to simplify the pizza customization

Activate POS System on Android Tablet

Activate POS System   Activate is the POS application that can be accessed exclusively by venues to offer enterprise point-of-sale solutions.   Problems When a cashier processes a refund, he/she doesn't have the ability to refund tips via different payment methods in one transaction. It adds inconvenience and time

Le Pain Quotidien

  Project Overview: For passionate foodies, the experience starts not at the first bite, but at the moment they decide to place an order. Recognizing this, the goal of the project was to create a digital space for a beloved Brussels-based bakery and restaurant that would entice

Burger King

  Burger King Responsive Site Mobile View   I was responsible for creating the Burger King Delivers responsive site in the mobile view. By working closely with the Art Director, Product Manager, and the developers, I made sure the look and feel were consistent with Burger King's already

NBC SNL Mobile App

  NBC SNL Mobile App   To celebrate SNL 40 year anniversary, NBC decided to bring a small team together to create an innovative yet flexible video streaming experience on a mobile app. We want to make it fun and easy for SNL fans to browse and look

Monger – ecommerce site

  Monger - eCommerce site   Monger is an early-stage home improvement startup with a social purpose. I was the sole UI/UX designer on the team to design their e-commerce website from start to finish.   Goal Simplify home improvement by providing a world-class shopping experience Create an online community for interior

KFC ordering site

KFC Responsive Ordering Site Working closely with the Product Manager and front end developers, the mission of this project was to bring a whole new delivery ordering experience to the users when they access KFC's responsive website. I was responsive creating and iterating a brand new