Role: Sr. UI/UX Design Lead

Team: Collaborated with Product Manager, and Development Team

Objective: To improve the experience for new user registration by providing better instructions to guide users in taking selfies, completing all mandatory questions without any hiccups, and offering a more seamless and engaging way to receive and share their Jumbotron moments from live events.



15 Seconds of Fame, Inc (15SOF) is a tech startup that specializes in facial recognition. They’re partnering with NBA team Detroit Pistons by adding their SDK web app to Piston’s mobile app to provide a simple way for sports fans to receive their Jumbotron appearances from live events. With their technology, the app can recognize an individual’s facial features from a selfie the user took from the mobile app, and automatically send the user their Jumbotron moments through the app. Users can then share these video clips on social media or download them directly to their phones. Despite the innovative technology, the app faced several usability issues that negatively impacted user engagement and completion rates.



1. Lengthy Registration Process: The registration process was long and cumbersome, leading to high abandonment rates.
2. Personal Questions: Some questions during registration felt intrusive, causing discomfort among users.
3. Selfie Instructions: Users often missed the instructions on how to taking selfies correctly.
4. Event Navigation: Users frequently got lost while navigating the “Today’s Event” section, especially after scrolling.


Approach and Solutions

Data Analysis
Using Datadog, we analyzed user behavior to identify key pain points in the registration and navigation processes. This data-driven approach allowed us to pinpoint specific areas needing improvement.


Design Solutions

1. Streamlined Registration Process:
– Progress Bar: Implemented a progress bar at the top of the registration screen to visually guide users and indicate how many steps remained.
– Question Verbiage: Simplified the wording of personal questions. For example, changed “What’s your birth date?” to “How old are you?” to reduce perceived intrusiveness while still complying with age restrictions.

2. Enhanced Selfie Instructions:
– UI Optimization: Redesigned the selfie-taking interface with more appealing illustrations and larger, clearer instructional text to ensure users understood the process.

3. Improved Event Navigation:
– Navigational Button: Added a “Back to Today” button on the Events screen to allow users to quickly return to the current day’s events, regardless of how far they had scrolled.


Added progress bar and more appealing illustration for selfie-taking, and improved Event navigation:



After implementing these design improvements, the app experienced significant positive outcomes:
• Reduced Drop-off Rate: The user drop-off rate during registration decreased 58%.
• Enhanced User Satisfaction: User feedback indicated a more enjoyable and less frustrating experience.
• Increased Engagement: More users completed the registration process and actively participated in app features.



The project successfully transformed the Pistons web app into a more user-friendly and engaging platform. By addressing key usability issues and leveraging user feedback, we created a seamless experience that not only met user needs but also significantly improved engagement and satisfaction. This project shows the importance of using data and user feedback for more user-centered design approach to achieve successful product outcomes.


See the prototype here.