Popeyes Mobile App


The client wanted to create a mobile app that can:

  • Easily find the nearest Popeyes restaurants with directions on Google map

The user has the option to browse the menu for that particular restaurant

  • The app can also provide coupon and promotional information
  • The user can register and sign in to unlock more coupons



  • How can we quickly locate the user without them manually typing their addresses?
  • How can we entice the user to sign up and create an account?


When working in the restaurant tech industry I realized a reality: The user will only download or sign in the restaurant app when they can either place an order right through the app or there are some kind of incentives. Otherwise, the user won’t keep the app on their phones for long.



I interviewed friends, family, and co-workers to understand their problems, need, and experience. After that, I researched current ordering apps and online restaurant sites that have some kind of discount or reward program.


After realizing that, I quickly came up with the idea and made the coupon into 2 groups: Group 1 coupon are usable for all types of users who downloaded the app; Group 2 coupon with higher value are locked and they only unlock and usable for those return logged in user.


I also noticed the fact that the sign up form has to be short, well organized, and only asking for absolute necessary information, otherwise the users will refuse and drop off when the first second they see the sign up screen.

In the process of designing the UI, I did a few versions of bottom navigation bar and the client really liked the one with orange outlined version (unselected on default), which is laid on a white background. I realized there was a ADA compliant issue for the Popeye’s brand orange to sit on a white background as outlined icons since it is barely readable. I communicated the concern to the client and they agreed to provide me with a new darker shade of orange, which passed the ADA compliance standard. The final design came out clean and followed closely with Popeye’s brand style guide.

View Popeye’s Mobile App Prototype