Project Overview:

For passionate foodies, the experience starts not at the first bite, but at the moment they decide to place an order. Recognizing this, the goal of the project was to create a digital space for a beloved Brussels-based bakery and restaurant that would entice users both visually and functionally, facilitating seamless order placements for delivery or pick-up.


Client Background:
The restaurant, renowned in Brussels, is celebrated for its fusion of traditional flavors with modern flair. Its initial online presence, however, did not reflect the deliciousness of its dishes or the warmth of its on-site ambiance.


The Challenge:
The task was to amalgamate the restaurant’s signature style with an intuitive user interface, ensuring the site was both a feast for the eyes and straightforward for order placements.


Design Process & Solutions:
Using the place’s original style as a starting point, I tried to highlight its natural beauty while adding some modern design touches.

  1. Aesthetically Appetizing:
    Recognizing the potency of visual stimuli in the food industry, special emphasis was placed on presenting dishes artistically. High-resolution images were integrated, each carefully curated to reflect the restaurant’s culinary artistry.
  2. Intuitive User Interface:
    While the aesthetics were important, the user journey had to be frictionless. The ordering process was streamlined to facilitate quick selections, with clear calls-to-action for either home delivery or in-store pick-up.
  3. Artistic Infusion:
    To align the restaurant’s physical and digital realms, I integrated elements from the original style guide but reimagined them to infuse a more modern and artistic touch. This bridged the gap between the restaurant’s rich legacy and the modern dining landscape.


The redesigned website resonated with the restaurant’s ethos and catered to the modern diner’s expectations. Not only did it have an appetizing ambiance, but it also simplified the user journey, ensuring that loyal customers and new visitors could effortlessly order their favorite dishes without leaving their homes.


Working as a UI designer on this project, I realized the impact of blending traditional elements with modern design aesthetics. It was a testament to the idea that in the digital age, while technology evolves rapidly, the essence of a brand remains timeless.