Create an NFT marketplace website that can:

  • The first time user understands what the website is about on the landing page
  • Smooth sign-up and register process
  • Easily turn any user’s social media posts into NFTs for sell
  • 2 currencies (Fiat & Matic) are available to trade and sell
  • Easily track selling and earning history


Basically, the client wanted an eBay-like, and heavy social media focused NFT marketplace website from scratch.



I did a competitive analysis that involves researching major NFT market competitors to gain insight into the world of NFT trading. I understood more about our unique value proposition after conducting the analysis. I identified some major features that differentiate our product from others:

  • Our users can use either fiat currency (with credit card or bank account) to buy NFT and collect sold NFT payment
  • After signing up, the user can link their social media accounts from their Pictos account. Then they are a few clicks away to turn any social media content into an NFT, listed on the marketplace


Because there are multi user roles (Seller, trader, and buyer) accessing the site, I created user flows to demonstrate potential paths users can take through:



Once the flows are solid, I established pages of wireframes to further understand how many screens we need for the final product.



I choose to use blue as the primary color of the website because the color blue represents the sky and sea and is associated with freedom, trust, and wisdom. I added a gradient to make it more fun and interesting.



I’ve noticed, for the past few years, dark themes have taken over apps, websites, and other online platforms. With the rise of NFT Marketplaces being relatively new, dark mode has taken over this industry as well. Furthermore, dark mode can also add a futuristic component to the design. So here we go:


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