In the emerging domain of NFT trading, crafting a platform that intuitively educates first-time users while facilitating the seamless creation and sale of NFTs was our goal. Taking inspiration from market giants like eBay and emphasizing social media integration, the task at hand was to build an NFT marketplace from the ground up.



Design an NFT marketplace that:

  1. Immediately conveys its purpose on the landing page.
  2. Offers a smooth sign-up and registration process.
  3. Empowers users to easily convert social media posts into sellable NFTs.
  4. Supports both fiat and Matic for transactions.
  5. Efficiently tracks the seller’s sales and earnings history.


Research & Insights

Competitive Analysis: A comprehensive study of major NFT marketplaces revealed distinct trends and practices in the NFT world. This research underscored our unique selling points, setting our platform apart from the competition.



  1. Users can transact using fiat currency, enabling purchases via credit cards or bank accounts and receiving payments for sold NFTs.
  2. The seamless integration with social media accounts allows users to effortlessly transform their social content into marketplace-listed NFTs.


Design Process

  1. User Flows: With multiple roles like sellers, traders, and buyers interacting on the platform, defining user flows was paramount. These flows illustrated potential user journeys through the platform.



2. Wireframing: Solidifying the user flows led to the development of wireframes, delineating the necessary screens for the final product.



3. Color & Theme: Blue was chosen as the primary color, symbolizing freedom, trust, and wisdom. A gradient was introduced to add vibrancy and dynamism. Recognizing the increasing adoption of dark themes across digital platforms, especially in the NFT realm, a dark mode was implemented to imbue a futuristic feel.



After the design and development phases, the marketplace was launched successfully in 2022. Its unique approach to NFT creation, combined with the user-centric design, set it apart in a rapidly growing industry.


Key Takeaways

  1. Research: Competitive analysis is pivotal in identifying and emphasizing unique features.
  2. Seamless Integration: Our platform’s success lay in its smooth social media integration, allowing for effortless NFT creation.
  3. Trend Adherence with Personality: While adhering to industry trends like dark mode, the design’s personalized touch helped the platform stand out.


View Pictos live site here