Project 2 – Personas

  1. Are they male/female?  Primarily female with shared male users
  2. How old are they?  30-45
  3. Where do they live?  Los Angeles, Austin, and Portland
  4. Do they have children?  Some yes and some no
  5. Are they married?  Some yes and some no
  6. Where are they when they use the app?  When they start doing freelance work and simply track certain activity
  7. Do they love a competitive app? Why?  Some of them like a couple of competitive apps like Hours and Hours Keeper. The apps make their freelance job or things, in general, more organized
  8. What do they do?   Freelancers or self-employed working professionals
  9. What do they have in common?  All are working professionals
  10. Why are they interested in the topic?  They want to keep everything in work or life more manageable, productive and organized 
  11. Who are they trying to impress?  Themselves
  12. Who impresses them?  Peers who get things done, be on track, always look organized
  13. What Internet tools do they use almost every day?  Google, Amazon, Instagram, Youtube
  14. What Internet tools do they not use ever?  Some never used Instagram, the rest could not think of ones they never used.
  15. What drives my target to make decisions?  Low learning curve
  16. Can they afford my app?  Yes
  17. Can I reach them with my app? Are they accessible?  Yes. All have mobile devices, most have iPhones.
  18. Are there enough people in your target to be profitable?  Yes
  19. How does your idea resonate with your audience on an emotional level? As a designer or freelancers they often times work on multiple projects at one period of time, it could get stressful and disorganized if you want to track every single project accurately.
  20. Do you need to break your target up into niches?  No. The focus of this app is on freelancers and self-employed working professionals. Research seemed to indicate common concerns so I don’t believe it needs to be broken down further