Assignment 3

1. Complete an informal Competitive Analysis:

Mobile app 1: HoursTracker

Easily track your time and earnings for one or more jobs. Clock in and clock out as you work or enter start and stop times yourself. HoursTracker groups your entries by day, week, or month, so you can easily see how you spend your time week to week or across jobs. Pay periods are automatically calculated, including overtime and net pay estimates.


  1. Can export tracked time to email
  2. Optimized for the new edge to edge display on the Apple watch series
  3. Quick and easy time entry and editing make time trading painless
  4. Receive notifications when you arrive or leave, or let HoursTracker use your location to automatically record your time entries


  1. It is a great app for bookkeepers or attorneys, but the app is rather complicated for freelance designers like me
  2. The free app only allows limited entries so if you use it more than certain times, you must pay to upgrade. but if you do the upgrade, Apple doesn’t support family sharing with in app upgrade.

Mobile app 2:  Hours

With a visual timeline, apart reminders, detailed reporting, and an interface crafted by and Apple Design Award wining team, Hours turns a tedious process into an enjoyable one.


  1. Super easy to use and it is simple to adjust time blocks of work as you are working thought out the day
  2. You can create invoice in one tap, perfect for freelancers


  1. Lack of ability to set overtime rules
  2. Lacking amount of colors to choose from for each project
  3. Ad pop up is very annoying

2. Work on defining your mobile app concept:

As I am continue defining my mobile app concept, I still want to work on the same app as I talked about before. Based on the information in the Week 2 and Week 3 Lecture notes, I understand having good mobile design pattern is critical for a good mobile app. I did some sketches on paper and identified what kind of pattern will be needed for my app. I am also going to interview a few people to find out their opinions and needs to improve usability and experience.

The core functionalities of my app are the ability to easily toggle between different tasks, can quickly generate an invoice and email it to anyone on my phone contact list.

3. Work on the second draft